5 places worth visiting for weed culture.


Anywhere on earth is going to be a good place to smoke a doobie or pack a bowl, however some locations might be a little better if you have some adventure in you.

So we decided to put together a list of 5 places worth traveling to for weed culture.

5 – Machu Picchu Peru


You can legally carry a bit over a quarter ounce of cannabis in Peru so as long as your not riding dirty and packing anything hard you’ll be golden.

Machu Picchu is one of the most, if not the most prolific archaeological site in the world.

this Incan citadel is Set high in the Ande Mountains straddling massive cliff edges with its construction still baffling architects (and let alone stoners) to this day.

This is the perfect place to get high in the mountains and reflect on the forgotten history of this ancient land chill out, smoke some herb and drink a yerba mate.

Make sure you pack heavy as this 4-day itinerary will leave you aching for a bakin.

4 – Salida, Colorado


With the surrounding region boasting a dozen or so 14,000-foot peaks, countless national parks, ski resorts, river rafting schools, abandoned gold mines, and the Arkansas river it’s easy to say Salida is the¬†epicenter of adventure.

It’s comforting to know that after an Adrenalin filled day you can hit up one of the few local legal¬†recreation marijuana shops to pick up a fat sack of herb or ease back with some chill pills.

3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands


You¬†couldn‚Äôt start a conversation about weed tourism and not bring up Amsterdam. It‚Äôs just not possible.¬†Everyone knows Amsterdam has a tourist destination for reaching cloud 9. That’s why we couldn’t make a list of¬†places worth traveling to for weed and not mention Amsterdam.¬†

With that being said you can rent a bike to cruse around the red light district, hit up different coffee shops, try different¬†‚Äúcoughee‚Ä̬†(cough, cough) and see what this magical city has to offer you. It has a little¬†something for everyone so¬†don‚Äôt be shy.

2 – Chefchaouen, Morocco


If you are up for a serious adventure and are a seasoned backpacker/kief smoker we high(ly) recommend Chefchaouen, Morocco located deep in the dank Rif Mountains. 

Although all drugs including weed and hash are illegal in Morocco it is said several Morrocan cities are hash and kief-friendly and foreigners most often can get off on a bribe.

Even though North Africa has and still is going through some hard times you shouldn’t let that stop you from exploring what earth has to offer and planning your next trip to Morocco.

1 – Vancouver, BC


Vancouver is no shy city from the cannabis smoke. Its hard to walk around the city with out smelling marijuana on the Vancouver Streets. 

Home to some of the most prolific people in the cannabis culture. Ranging from legends that were on the forefront of the cannabis revolution like Tommy Chong, Don Briere and several more. 

Vancouver has become the Cannabis Capital in Canada with over 100 dispensaries catering to some of the most curated pot smokers in the world. It’s no understatement to say that Vancouver is one of the most sought after Cannabis destinations in the world. 

With the temperate climate, beautiful scenery, amazing skyline, and endless places to munch out we feel it’s safe to say Vancouver is the top pot smokers destination.