9 Ways Cannabis Can Help Athletic Performance

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By: Kathy T. Cooley

With the passage of time, various States of the US and the countries all over the world are reversing the ban imposed on cannabis for years. This has allowed the researchers from the medical field to gauge the benefits that can arise out of its use for the body. Although it is popularly considered that cannabis can contribute to the laziness, it hardly holds true. Cannabis can actually be used to give a boost to the athletic performance. Let us explore some of the ways by which it can help enhance that.

Relieves Pain

It is common for athletes to suffer from pain all over the body due to high exertion. This can amount to the onset of stiffness in the joints as well. The good news is that cannabis consists of the analgesic properties that provide the necessary leverage to the body to fight pain effectively. This makes cannabis a feasible option for athletes who wish to tackle the soreness with minimal side effects. Besides, it also helps strengthen the immunity, which in turn proves to be beneficial for the overall health of the body.

Alleviates the Spasms

Muscle spasms can turn out to be a recurring problem with the athletes and takes a while to heal. In order to avoid letting them meddle with your performance, you can turn to cannabis for its ability to provide effective treatment. A study suggests that cannabis can be put into use to reduce the discomfort associated with spasms and provide complete relief from muscle spasticity. However more research on the topic is ongoing, patients of Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis also seem to respond well to the problems related to muscle spasms.


The joint and muscle inflammation is a part and parcel of an athlete’s life. However, you can not let them become a hindrance to your performances. An article suggests that cannabis consists of a compound called the CBD or the Cannabidiol, which is known to have properties to reduce the menace of inflammation in the body. This makes it possible for the athletes to recover from the agony they might face due to the intensity and the injuries. You don’t necessarily have to smoke cannabis to get a dosage of CBD. You can buy CBD oils and seeds to get all the benefits.

Promotes the mental capabilities

Who says athletes only need to focus on the physical aspect and choose to turn their back on improving the mental sharpness? As per a study, the consumption of cannabis can help restore the cognitive abilities, do away with the dysfunctions and provide treatment to the psychotic disorders. The brain reacts to the CBD in cannabis similar to how it does to the dopamine and serotonin. This shall provide you with extra motivation to bolster your athletic performance on the field.

Restrains Anxiety and Stress

An athlete’s life is full of ups and downs that can either bring about losses and wins. However, the pressure to perform to one’s expectations level can also become a reason for the onset of anxiety and stress. Cannabis promotes the release of endorphins, which are also called happy hormones, in the body. This helps improve the mood and makes one feel content. It allows the body to relax as well, making it possible for the athlete to maintain their fitness levels mentally and physically both.

Improves the heart health

Since it is the heart that plays the role of pumping blood and providing nutrients to each part of the body, it is imperative to keep it well-functioning. To attain good heart health, the circulation of blood in the body should be proper. This is where you can use CBD, due to its ability to strengthen the heart by helping maintain ideal blood pressure in the body. It shall further translate to better athletic performances and will have a positive effect on the endurance.

Provides good sleep

Not only does cannabis helps sooth the muscles, but it also impacts the nervous system of the body by promoting calmness. Those athletes suffering from sleep deprivation, insomnia, and sleep apnea can find a cure by using cannabis on a daily basis. Sleeping for a good 7-8 hours a day also help in achieving rejuvenation and a much-needed regeneration of the dead cells in the body. These shall collectively contribute to the betterment in the athlete’s performance manifold.

Fuel’s the Runners’ High

There have been runners in the past who have accounted to the fact that consuming cannabis improves their performance significantly. According to an article, this happens due to the ability of cannabis to aid the production of endocannabinoids. Apart from this, you shall also experience muscle relaxation and would be able to run long distances without many distractions. To ensure building muscles and getting a lean body for being able to perform to your best, you must lay your hands on the effective anabolic steroids.

Clears the free radicals

Free radicals are toxic substances released on the metabolism of oxygen. The free radicals negatively impact the health of the cells, damaging the overall well-being of the body due to the process called oxidative stress.

Although the immune system helps remove these, cannabis can add to the effort of the body to get rid of these harmful agents. This shall pay a vital role in being able to perform with better results. The antioxidants present in the cannabis also help prevent the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body.

You can contact the best online dispensary in Canada to find the most appropriate cannabis as per your need. It is thus high time we shed our age-old inhibitions about the use of cannabis and put into use for the high number of benefits that accrue for the body and the athletic performance.