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Why Buy Cannabis For Insomnia Relief From StashClub?

Cannabis has been used for centuries to help induce sleep and curb insomnia. It’s only been in recent years scientists have started studying exactly what it is in marijuana that affects our sleep cycles and insomnia. According to one report done by scientists in the Department of Psychiatry at Freiburg University Medical Center in Germany, “Acute administration of cannabis appears to facilitate falling asleep and to increase Stage 4 sleep.“ Stage 4 sleep is also known as “deep sleep” and it’s when we stop dreaming and lapse into a healing state of unconsciousness. This is particularly useful for people suffering from PTSD or other trauma who have difficulty with nightmares. As Canada’s most trusted online source for cannabis, StashClub is the perfect place to find marijuana that will aid with your sleep patterns and insomnia.

Types of Cannabis We Sell For Insomnia

There are different strains of cannabis and it’s important to know which ones are better for fighting insomnia and helping with sleep. Marijuana derived from the Indica variety are better for helping cure insomnia because they tend to be soothing and relaxing. Those of the Sativa variety are more uplifting and energizing. There are also hybrids but again, you’ll want to lean towards those varieties that have a higher percentage of Indica in them. StashClub makes it easy to determine what products are what by colour-coding them and indicating whether they are Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. There is also a growing body of research that indicated CBD products (those without the psychoactive THC compound) also help curb insomnia by quelling pain and calming your nervous system. StashClub offers both CBD and THC cannabis products.

Benefits of Cannabis for Insomnia

Contemporary scientific research is discovering what users of cannabis have known for centuries: cannabis has a sedative and relaxing effect and makes falling asleep easier. In fact, one study by medical doctor Rolando Triangale discovered not only does it make it easier, it reduces the time required to fall asleep. Therefore it’s an excellent choice when you need to relieve insomnia. It’s also a good solution for those suffering from nightmares brought about by trauma as it lessens the amount of time in REM sleep (that state of unconciousness when we dream) and increases the amount of time spent in deep healing sleep. And unlike pharmaceutical solutions, it’s impossible to overdose on cannabis and there are no unpleasant side effects.

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How to Choose Your Cannabis To Help Relieve Insomnia

As mentioned above, most people prefer cannabis products from an Indica strain in order to relieve insomnia and sleep better. This is because it promotes relaxation whereas the Sativa strain is more uplifting. Typically vaping or smoking an Indica strain of cannabis 20 minutes before bedtime should work, although some experimentation might be required as every metabolism is different. If you prefer not to inhale cannabis, there are THC-rich tinctures that can be dropped under the tongue. And if you’d prefer not to experience any of the psychoactive effects of THC, consider CBD products such as tinctures or vapes that will relax you but not get you high.

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