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As the name implies, Grand Rapids is a water town, built at the point where the Saskatchewan River empties into Lake Winnipeg. This lakefront area has a population of less than 300, so it’s a great place to blaze weed in alberta and wander along the old tramway and various paths that wrap around the river and lakeside. We are proud to provide access to top quality mail order marijuana products through our online dispensary. 

The Stash Club staff work hard to source only quality products. There is a lot of stuff out there but we are picky. Look over our weed selection and be assured that it is only top shelf quality. Plus it’s easy to order weed online.

We like to rough it when we’re in Grand Rapids, so we always order up some good herb and camp out. The best way to get a hold of the quality is to order online some mail order marijuana. If you’re into fishing, you can chill with a few puffs and score some pike and walleye at Moak Lodge.

You need to bring your own supply to the Rap, so stock up on your dabs from our quality selection of mail order marijuana products that can easily be ordered online.