Delivering medical marijuana to New Brunswick

New Brunswick

Looking to buy mail order marijuana in New Brunswick, Canada? Welcome to A curated online dispensary. Buy online weed at a shop that is ONLY quality cannabis products. No bammer here. Canadians love hard working and hard partying, and New brunswicker knows how to do both in spades. This gateway to the prairies is dominated by the big, mail order marijuana-friendly cities of Calgary and Edmonton, but there are hidden gems in smaller towns like Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat, where you’re never too far from mail order marijuana-worthy nightlife or a nature hike that begs for a few tokes of weed bought online between friends.

There is a ton to do both inside and out in Newf Brunswick. We love our neighbours in the west as there is no better hospitality or seafood dinner in the country.

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New Brunswick

Feeling a bit more active? Roll some green on the green at the Hopewell Rocks Park, or blaze one at the Reversing Falls.

Top it off with a quick puff and a plate of Lobster and a share plate with your buds at the Reversing Falls Restaurant/Skywalk.

If you’re more of a loner than a mingler, pack some classic OG Kush and then kick back at the Bay of Fundy and Fundy National Park for some dramatic cliffs, sea caves and fantastic rock formations. Be ready for those pot munchies with a trip to the Tipsy Tails Restaurant advance, where you can arm yourself with some of the best fish and chips and lobster poutine in Canada.

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