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Buy Weed Online Canada, BC,  Prince George

Like Winterfell it is unofficial capital of north, and the largest city in northern British Columbia, Prince George is an urban oasis surrounded by parks, rivers, and lakes, making it a must-visit for those who want to toke some Grandaddy Purple bud and share some alone time with Mother Nature. This is a hard working (and studying) town that is best enjoyed when you go on our online dispensary and buy weed online.

If you just want to chill in town, take your sativa for a vape at woodsy Connaught Hill Park, an elevated space in the middle of town with landscaped gardens and sweet views of the river. Our online dispensary provides a curated selection of only top quality shatter and other extracts to our members that buy weed online.

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Feeling a bit more active? Roll some green on the green at the Aberdeen Glen golf course, or blaze one at the British Columbia Northern Exhibition rodeo.

Top it off with a quick puff and a rack of bomb short ribs and a share plate with your buds at the adults-only Nancy O’s Restaurant, followed by pool and beers at the BX Pub.

As proud members of the Cannabis Growers Association we strongly believe in keeping a strong craft industry alive in BC. We encourage our members to reach out to their local MP and find out what they are doing to help keep the industry in BC.

If you’re more of a loner than a mingler, pack some classic OG Kush and then kick back at the Park Drive-in theater for a round of go-karts, some weed-infused mini-golf (who doesn’t love that?), and a 10pm first-run flick. Be ready for those mid-movie pot munchies with a trip to the Westwood Pub in advance, where you can arm yourself with some of the best fish and chips in Canada.

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