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Why Buy Cannabis To Be Energetic From StashClub?

There are two main strains of marijuana including Indica and Sativa, and it’s the latter that typically has a more uplifting and energizing effect on a user. Indica’s nickname is “In da couch” because it’s more relaxing while Sativa is good for “Saturday Night Divas.” In fact, it’s good for not only divas but many people who want to feel more energetic, industrious, spry and vigorous. Of course, everyone has a different metabolism so cannabis will have a different effect on everyone – therefore it’s best to experiment with small amounts to find out what’s right for you. If you’d prefer not to feel the high from THC products, consider CBD oils, tinctures and edibles that are derived from Sativa strains because CBD has been proven to help increase concentration without the side effect of feeling high. Whatever your preference, StashClub makes it easy to find. In fact, there’s a “Shop By” tab on the top of the website that allows you to choose “Energetic” under the Mood category and when you do, products ranging from bud to the Rosin Peanut Budder Chocolate Bar are listed.

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Types of Cannabis We Sell To Help Feel More Energetic

The stereotypical cannabis user is often depicted as someone who’s relaxed and lying on the couch. And while that can be somewhat accurate for those enjoying an Indica strain of marijuana, what’s often not depicted is the person who is energized and focused because they enjoyed a cannabis product derived from a Sativa strain of the plant. That’s not to say weed of any kind is going to make you hyper and bounce off the walls. We’re not talking triple-caffeinated espressos here. It’s better to say Sativa strains or hybrids that are Sativa-dominant usually make you more stimulated and energetic, without the jitters. Blue Dream, Pineapple Sour and Space King are three of the more popular types of bud sold at StashClub. On the edibles side, you’ll find Liquid Gold Sativa capsules and drops are also favoured.

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Benefits of Cannabis for Feeling Energetic

Cannabis helps you feel more energetic in one of two ways: one strain (Indica) will relax you and allow you to get a good night’s sleep, thus helping you feel awake and energized in the morning; while the other strain (Sativa) will help you feel energetic and focused immediately. We concentrate more on this latter strain when discussing feeling energetic as there’s a more direct correlation. High-energy cannabis strains like Blue Dream can give you a burst of motivation and ward off fatigue. Some prefer to imbibe when exercising while others prefer it when doing more cerebral activities. Whatever your preference, try a few different varieties (remember to take small doses over a long period of time to avoid any discomfort) and see what works best for you. 

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How to Choose Your Cannabis To Help Feel Energetic

As mentioned above, most people want either a THC or CBD product derived from the Sativa strain of cannabis plant in order to feel more energized. The good news about the StashClub site is that it’s incredibly easy to discern what strain a product comes from and how much THC is contained. Simply search by product category or “energetic” mood and note the coloured bar under the product’s photograph and what’s written there. A yellow bar means it is “sativa dominant” and other colours relate to the strength of the THC or CBD in the product. (A green bar means it’s a hybrid and a blue bar means it’s from the Indica plant.) If you have any questions about this categorization system, or about anything else, feel free to click the chat button in the bottom-right corner to speak to our Customer Service team.

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