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Why Buy Cannabis For Relaxation?

There’s a reason the stereotypical portrayal of a cannabis user is someone who’s super mellow: it’s because marijuana is relaxing, dude! Cannabis has been scientifically proven to have a relaxing effect on most users, which is why it’s been used for centuries to help induce relaxation and curb anxiousness. If you’re looking to induce a state between normal and sleeping, then cannabis is perfect for you. There are two main strains of marijuana including Sativa and Indica, and it’s the latter that typically has a more relaxing effect on a user. (Sativa tends to be more uplifting.) That said, every person has a different sweet spot so it’s important to take it slow, experiment, and find the perfect strain and product that’s right for you. And StashClub makes it easy. In fact, there’s a “Shop By” tab on the top of the website that allows you to choose “Relaxed” under the Mood category and when you do, no less than 14 pages of products pop up to help induce relaxation. Take your pick!

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Types of Cannabis We Sell For Relaxation

Most marijuana products that are derived from the Indica strain of the cannabis plant will help you relax. Your two big decisions are how you want to consume it and whether you want to get high while you relax. If you’d rather not experience any psychoactive effects, but you still want to induce some relaxation, stick with the CBD products. And if you’d prefer not to inhale anything, go with an edible. It’s important to note that edibles can last a long time though so if you’re new to weed, be sure to ingest a tiny amount (like one-half of one square of a chocolate bar) and then wait an hour to feel the effects. Smoking and vaping offer a much more immediate effect but it doesn’t tend to last as long. StashClub offers both CBD and THC cannabis products as well as all forms of consumables from smokable bud, vapes, edibles and tinctures.

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Benefits of Cannabis for Relaxation

Here’s a quick science lesson: your brain is made up of billions of neurons and the chemicals known as neurotransmitters travel between them and attach to molecules called receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are impacted by the cannabinoids in both CBD and THC marijuana products and boost certain neuron functions while curbing others. That’s why when most people consume weed, they have feelings that range from relaxation to pain relief. (Of course, take too much and those feelings could become more anxious. Either that or you could simply fall asleep.) If your goal is to relax but not fall into a deep slumber, it’s best to start low and slow with an Indica form of cannabis that either has THC (so you feel the “high”) or CBD, which does not have any psychoactive effects.

How to Choose Your Cannabis To Help Relax

It’s super easy to choose cannabis to help you relax on the StashClub website. In fact, in the “Shop By” drop down menu there’s even a “Relaxed” category under the “Mood” selection. The menu allows you to continue to tailor your search so you can choose the more intoxicating THC products or CBD ones that don’t offer the high. You can also select cannabis type (most people prefer Indica and Indica-dominant strains to help them relax) and the kind of product you’d prefer, from vapes and bud to edibles and extracts. You can even select your flavour preferences (we’re partial to “fruity”) as well as brand, extraction methods and staff picks. Have fun experimenting with the selection process If you have any further questions, click the chat button in the bottom-right corner to speak to our Customer Service team.

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