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Timmins, Ontario is famous as the city with a heart of gold. One visit to the town and you will immediately know what makes this town so special- its rich heritage, its wonderful people, the inexhaustible things to do, and the awesome restaurants- everything that a traveling stoner would want to look for in the ideal destination.

Timmins is a highly energetic town with a lot of outdoor activities available. Combined with the high coming from the most organic and potent weed available online, your trip to Timmins will be one that you would want to experience again and again. The place has plenty of outdoor activities available. Bird-watching, fishing, boating and so on are some of the most exciting things to do. Roll a joint, chill out and watch the exotic flora and fauna of Timmins unfold their magic in their natural habitat. With plenty of untamed natural greenery all around, this may just be the stoner’s ultimate paradise!

Besides, you can also chill out among some of the world’s most natural rock and stone formations that Timmins is so famous for, the hulking, gigantic figures of granite, greenstone, and greystone create a very ethereal environment for smoking up.

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Timmins’ culinary culture is amazing. There are numerous restaurants and fast food joints all around. The restaurants are a mix of everything- some that serve typical Canadian fare, some with local cuisine and others with ethnic food. All in all, your hunger pangs will be greatly pampered by the restaurants after a nice, magical round of smoking up.

Our weed is the most potent and amazing stuff you can find in Canada. Our passion and dedication to supplying top quality weed have led us today to become one of Canada’s best online weed suppliers. Our recurring customer base is reflective of our aspirations to supply you with only the best of smoking up experiences that you can dream of. So next time you are planning a trip to Timmins, make sure that our top quality weed is part of your luggage, and we promise you an experience of Timmins that can be seconded by no other.