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Get Blazin’ at Toronto, Ontario

One of the world’s great cities, Toronto is a place made for packing a baggie of spliffs and just diving right in. We recommend blazing some green cush for that energy you’re going to need to give Toronto its due respect.

We also supply a variety of specialty cannabis products Co2 Oils in pre-filled rigs that attach to any vape.


On a warm afternoon, there’s nothing better than toking a jay and cruising one of the city’s great markets. The Kensington Market in Old Toronto is the place for sharing a blaze with strangers. Sensimilla is especially popular with the rasta crowd here, and the locally grown hydroponic is highly respectable.

If you forget your stash, you can pop into Kensington’s Hot Box Café for some local love. But we recommend always being prepared — hit us up first for all your online weed needs. Get access to safe, quality and discreetly packaged cannabis products.