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So, you live in Hamilton, Ontario. Well, that’s fantastic. There’s so much to do here.

For instance, one could check out the Canadian Warplane Museum and absorb all the information possible about Canada’s aviation and military heritage. Or, you could simply ogle at the 40 kinds of aircraft that are housed in here. The most eye-catching of them all is the Avro Lancaster, which is said to have served in World War II.

If aircraft aren’t your thing, you could always head down to the Bruce Trail. The Bruce Trail stretches around the Niagara Escarpment for about 900 kilometers. Now, that’s long. The trail was established in 1959 and since then, it’s become a major attraction for locals and outsiders alike.

You can enter the trail from multiple entry points and there are a ton of hikes you can experiment with.

But, do you know what’s better than all of this? Getting stoned in Hamilton, Ontario! Yup! There’s nothing that can compete with the joy of stocking up on food, downloading complete seasons of your favorite TV show and preparing to toke up on some of that good stuff.

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