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Hotboxing in Cornwall, Ontario

So, you’re a Cornwall resident who has no clue what to do this weekend. Well, you probably haven’t explored this beautiful city yet. Cornwall, Ontario has more to offer than you think. So, roll that joint and listen to what Stash Club’s planned for you.

Begin by heading to Pommier Square in downtown Cornwall on Tuesdays. They’ve got free Zumba classes there. So, hit the blunt and let the spirit of Zumba take over.

If Zumba is a little too much activity for you, you can head to Lamoureux Park on Saturdays for a movie screening. The best part is that the movies are screened in the open. So, get high, wrap yourself in a blankie, and enjoy the magic of cinema.

Or, if you’re interested in re-growing your brain cells, why don’t you head to The Cornwall Community Museum. This is a great place to learn about Cornwall’s history and it’s open from Wednesdays to Sundays.

If the munchies start to show up, head back down to Lamoureux Park and see if they’ve got the Ribfest going on there. Nothing like some ribs to cure your munchies!

All of this a little too much for you? Maybe you just want to chill and mellow out. In that case, might we suggest a simple stroll through Guindon Park? This local attraction is home to some lovely trails that are perfect for walks and some deep contemplation.

There’s enough to do in Cornwall. But, whatever you do, make sure you’re baked on the finest Cannabis from Stash Club.

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