PuffCo Peak – How to use PuffCo Peak and Why it’s Awesome!

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Today’s society is enraptured by technology. From serials like Black Mirror that depict a futuristic urban life, to talks of artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent, it’s only apt that the PuffCo Peak has taken social media by storm for its innovative and award winning cannabis technology. The PuffCo Peak is a revolutionary electronic dab rig device that enhances the essence of wax concentrates. 

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is essentially the intricate process of heating solid cannabis concentrates in a rapid amount of time in order to create vapour. The THC within cannabis extracts are more concentrated than dried marijuana, ranging up to 80% THC in certain extracts, which makes this a favourable option for cannabis users who are seeking a potent high. Also known as shatter, budder, butane hash oil and wax, these concentrates are heated on a hot surface and inhaled through a dab rig. 

Dabbing is also advantageous for users who suffer from chronic pain and extreme nausea, as it is an effective form of immediate relief. For users who suffer from asthma, dabbing may be a remedy as resin and hot smoke are eliminated, yet you still have the potent effects of cannabis derived from a pure concentrate. 

Why the PuffCo Peak? 

Roger Volodarsky, the CEO of PuffCo had created the PuffCo Peak after finding a need for innovation in the cannabis industry. As stated in an interview with Forbes, frustration from initial experiences with concentrates proved to be the catalyst for Volodarsky to turn his hobby into an ambitious and innovative consumption device that desperately needed to exist. 

PuffCo Peak has eliminated the tiresome process of having to heat a metal or glass nail with a handheld blow torch, instead offering a device that doesn’t take hours of tutorials to learn how to effectively use. Known as a fool-proof option to dabbing, this smart rig is uncomplicated with zero learning curve, making it a worthwhile investment. PuffCo has managed to push all limits of innovation within the cannabis industry with this revolutionary design. The PuffCo Peak features a wrap-around LED light band on the front of the device that displays the battery level and heating settings. With the touch of a button, the PuffCo Peak heats up within 20 seconds and features intelligent temperature calibration with four different heat settings, haptic feedback and fast charging. 

How to Use the PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak has a simplistic, portable design that won’t feel daunting even to the most novice of users. The Peak initially takes two hours to fully charge via a USB cable, giving users an average of 30 dabs. The device will pulse white and turn off automatically to demonstrate when it has been fully charged. The long-lasting battery ensures that you won’t have to recharge your PuffCo Peak until a few days. 

Once your peak has fully charged, ensure that the glass top is unattached from the device before filling, so that it adequately covers any air holes. After, reattach the glass to your fully charged Peak and ensure that the atomizer is aligned with the inlet hole. Place your concentrate onto the atomizer and install the carb cap back on. The use of concentrate is almost nanoscopic, as a little goes a long way with the PuffCo Peak. 

The PuffCo Peak will take a rapid twenty seconds for your concentrate to heat to a medium temperature. The Peak will vibrate to let you know when it is ready to use. The Light Band and Haptic Feedback of this Peak ensures that you’re constantly aware of the heat setting it is on, when the device is ready to hit, and when it is heating up. A single click of the button will allow you to scroll through the different temperature settings. The heat settings are arranged by a colour code. 

On initial hit, a supreme quality of clean and fresh flavours form an intricate dance with your tastebuds. Delicate, yet fluffy, chunky and immense clouds are formed with an exhale. The taste that PuffCo Peak delivers never seems to falter, as it delivers hit after hit of exceptional, smooth quality. Concentrates are used to their full ability, perishing the thought of wastefulness. 

Understanding the Color Codes for Your Peak

For small loads, the Peak will display a Blue at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium-sized bowls are heated at 500 degrees with a demonstration of Green. Larger loads have an Orange light with a temperature of 550 degrees. Lastly, for extra-large loads, a White is emblazoned at 600 degrees. 

The Blue and Green settings are stated as the most popular, as the flavour elements from terpenes are heightened, allowing you to taste the exact flavour profile of the strain without the messiness of unhygienic bong water. For large cloud production, it’s best to take short draws rather than long drags. The PuffCo Peak has a silicon atomizer protector, ensuring that you can feel the bowl without getting burned. 

The multi-coloured LED lights are also useful for notifying you of problems that may be occurring with your Peak. Five flashing lights indicate a short circuit and a solid red light reveals overheating. The LED lights are also an indication for your battery level. High battery will display a green light, with a charge of sixty to a hundred percent. A yellow light illustrates a medium battery of thirty to sixty percent, while a red light suggests a low battery of fifteen to zero percent. 

PuffCo Peak Specs

  • •  Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • •  Water filtration
  • •  4 unique user heat settings
  • •  20 sec average heat up time
  • •  Intelligent temperature calibration
  • •  Sesh-Mode Functionality
  • •  7” high x 2.75” base
  • •  2 hour fast charge time
  • •  30 dab average battery life
  • •  Removable ceramic bowl
  • •  LED light band
  • •  Carrying case included
  • •  Haptic feedback
  • •  Rugged silicone base

“Sesh Mode” How to Enable PuffCo Peak’s Social Mode

An advanced feature of the Puffco Peak is the “Sesh Mode” which extends your dabbing session by fifteen seconds. This mode is ideal for social gatherings, as it allows everyone to indulge in dabbing with an adequate time extension. To use, simply touch the soft-press power button twice. If the vapour production is not to your gratification, touch the power button twice more to experience another Sesh Mode. 

The Multiple Peak Options that PuffCo Provides 

When you visit PuffCo’s Instagram page that boasts of over two hundred and thirty-one thousand followers, you can instantly see the marketing appeal. A video of a man floating in mid-air surrounded by a neon-green fog with a peak in hand is accompanied with a statement from PuffCo that “Your brain is the most complicated structure in the known universe with 100,000 chemical reactions happening every second. The Neon Peak was engineered to assist you in exploring your inner space.” 

The PuffCo Peak furthers on the link between cannabis, the human brain and technology with an ad that features a woman with attachments to her temple to display her brain waves. She takes a hit from the PuffCo Peak and instantaneously is transported to another dimension. Volodarsky claimed in an interview with Forbes that the PuffCo Peak “serves as a platform for both concentrates and art” which is aptly reflected by the ingenious advertising. PuffCo’s ability to create a dynamic culture through cannabis is emphasized by the sleek and modern design of the PuffCo Peak, which comes in one classic design and an additional three limited edition. 

The most eye-catching design is the limited-edition “Neon Lightning Peak”. A glow-in-the-dark silicone base with a neon green filigrana inner-cone and a pearl white band is visually stimulating and simultaneously appeals to the modern obsession of extraterrestrial life. All of the PuffCo Peaks have a height of seven inches, and three inches at the silicone base. Derived from its name, a mountainous “peak” rests at the top of the design. At the base of the PuffCo Peak is a singular button that controls the settings and power of the unit. 

PuffCo also has a limited-edition Medusa Peak, inspired by the snake-haired Gorgon from Greek mythology. Advertisements from PuffCo showcase a stark white display of albino serpents clambering to caress the Medusa Peak. The Medusa Peak has a slightly jagged white silicone base, a prominent rose gold metal band, and a filigrana twisted inner-cone. 

The Lucid Lightning Peak has a translucent appearance that allows vivid lighting to shine through. It also features a marblesque, periwinkle and white tie dyed inspired base design. 

The classic PuffCo Peak features a sleek and modern design with a matte black base design, a sparkling silver band and a hand-blown glass mouthpiece. PuffCo states that the peak design is made to “Unlock the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they’re derived from.” 

The Ultimate Experience with PuffCo Peak

The PuffCo Peak has been acclaimed for its visionary aesthetics, ingenuity and simplistic design. From rave reviews featured on Endgadget to CNET, the PuffCo Peak has even been nominated as the “most unexpected” tech product to debut during the CES trade-show held in Vegas. Volodarsky has claimed, “Innovation grows old fast, so you only have one option-make products that are hard to copy”, which is efficiently displayed by his design team led by Avi Bajpai.  Volodarsky has effectively created a device that is heralded as breaking all stigmatizations of dabbing. The PuffCo Peak is an absolute must have for cannabis aficionados!