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Mellow Out at St. Catharines, Niagara, Ontario

St. Catharines can be aptly termed as a ‘stoner’s delight’ city. If you’re wondering why, there are a ton of reasons. For starters, there aren’t too many cities out there that go by the name of “The Garden City”. Lush parks, trails, and gardens are a part of everyday life here in St. Catherine’s, which makes it the ultimate place to roll a fat doobie and blast it!

So, if you like your fair share of the green stuff and happen to live in St. Catherine’s, Niagara, Ontario, we suggest you make the most of your time here.

Roll one and start exploring – try out the fancy wineries, the top-notch restaurants, the brilliant festivals and the upbeat nightlife. There’s so much you can do here, and if you’ve got some stuff from Stash Club to help you out, you can be sure that fun will be a key part of the trip.

Another reason why you’d love to get stoned in St. Catherine’s is because of the unique climate. It’s got just the right amount of sun to put a smile on your face. It isn’t called “The Garden City” for nothing.

While you’re busy soaking up the weather and the THC, you could also trip on some fruits and flowers that St. Catharines has on offer. The combination of floral colors and Stash Club THC is sure to send you to the moon.

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So, yeah, get stoned and admire the heavenly abode that is St. Catharines. Make sure you never run out of that green fuel though. Just go online and place an order with Stash Club. We’ll pack and deliver the stuff as soon as possible.

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