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If you have a Canadian vacation in mind, you may have shortlisted a number of cities. Oshawa, Ontario should certainly be on your bucket list. A perfect blend of concrete and nature, Oshawa is the perfect Canadian city to party, for site-seeing, and to just relax!

But wouldn’t be fun to turn your holiday into a psychedelic experience with some fresh cannabis? If you are party-goer frequenting pubs and nightclubs in Oshawa, you may have seen that some of them have a stoning zone. You can get into one of them, roll a reefer and set the mood for the night. With some of the best artists playing, you are sure to have a memorable evening.

If you are tired after a shopping or touring spree, you can score some weed online and relax before you have more fun. You can hop on a cab to Lakeview Park where different bands keep performing or simply go to Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens and wallow in the quiet of the place. Don’t worry if your stomach rumbles after you are back from your “trip”. You can go to Wildfire Oshawa or Harpo’s Restaurant for some toothsome American steaks.

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