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Why Buy Cannabis Chocolate With Stash Club?

With a huge variety of premium products at wallet-friendly prices, Stash Club is an all-in-one online dispensary that caters to your every whim, need or desire. Our user-curated product selection has thousands of reviews from our members, giving them a voice; Stash Club really is bringing flower power to the people. Here at Stash Club, we provide our members with free membership, free shipping* as well as free gifts with purchase,** ensuring an online shopping experience like no other MOM out there. With our same-day shipping to every Canadian province (yes, you read that correctly), we make sure no man, woman or 19-year-old with a valid government-issued ID is left without their green. Here at Stash Club, we put the TLC into THC and always, always: good vibes only.

Types of Cannabis Chocolate We Sell

With a wide selection of chocolate to choose from, we bring variety to our members. We offer white, milk, dark, vegan, mint, nut, caramel, peanut butter, candy-filled, individual and bar chocolates, available as sativa, indica, distillate infused, 1:1 and CBD options! Our chocolate selection really is the banana’s pyjamas. We know that variety is the spice of life and we like it hot! We know that not everyone likes the same things, much in the same way we know that not everyone wants to buy the same thing with every order; that’s why we offer choice, chocolate for everyone. So whether you’re a recreational or medical user, a novice or a heavy-hitter, we have got something for you, my dude.

Benefits of Cannabis Chocolate

Chocolate is a preferred way to ingest cannabis for a multitude of reasons. Obviously, chocolate is a very discreet form of consumption. It’s certainly a lot less conspicuous to snap off a few squares of chocolate before heading into the movies than it is to stink up the whole snack queue with your dank odour. Smokeless modes of consumption are really making a name for themselves and may soon even outpace the flower itself!

Because chocolate is a smokeless product, they are a much more attractive solution to those seeking to avoid those fragrant, fluffy clouds. Oftentimes chosen for the health benefits they offer, chocolates are ideal for the member who dislikes smoking and/or vaping. Medicated using cooked down flower, cannabis chocolate contains certain micronutrients and antioxidants that you might not get from anywhere else. Cannabis edibles have been clinically proven to help alleviate nausea and provoke appetite; edibles such as cannabis chocolate have even been proven to relieve symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and autoimmune disorders. The other thing about edibles is that they get you really high and for a really long time—like, a really long time. For that reason alone, chocolate is just super good value. So, not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also more bounce for the ounce!

How to Choose Your Cannabis Chocolate

Reliably and consistently dosed by our wonderful suppliers, chocolates are a nice and consistent form of medicating. As a result of the stringent dosing, our members can always know how much THC or CBD they’re taking and therefore never have to worry about pushing their limits. Depending on your metabolism, edibles can take up to two hours to set in. Edibles generally offer more potent highs that simply outdo other methods of cannabis consumption. Gastro-intestinal ingestion (or ‘eating’ to you and I) can result in highs that last up to eight hours! So sure, even though cannabis chocolate may demand some commitment as you wait for the high to kick in, they are certainly worth that wait, offering amazing highs that are both potent and enduring.

Made for easy, on-the-go consumption and always stringently medicated, cannabis chocolates are a safe and controlled way to consume both THC and CBD. Please, please always keep edibles and other cannabis products away and out of reach of animals and children, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption and please do not consume if pregnant. Always take edibles with food and allow two hours for the full effect. As always with edibles, we suggest users start low and take it slow. If users ever feel they’ve taken too much, they should try to relax, no long term harm will be done. The effects of the THC will subside in a few hours and a dose of CBD can even help take the edge off. So you might feel crappy for a few hours, but you’ll be just fine in the end.

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