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With premium product at affordable prices, StashClub is your one-stop-shop for all your marijuana needs. We have thousands of product reviews and an extensive selection of hash and other cannabis products, making your life as simple as possible! We take the stress out of online shopping, never has it been so easy to have that flower power shipped straight to your door. Offering customers value for money as well as premium products, StashClub is your one-stop-shop for all your marijuana needs! Our free membership, free shipping* and free gifts with purchase;** make us an online dispensary unheard of before! We provide our members with same-day shipping to any and all Canadian provinces, ensuring no one has to go without. At StashClub, we put the TLC into THC and always, always: good vibes only.

Moroccan Blonde Hash

Types of Hash We Sell

No matter what type of hash you seek, StashClub has what you need! We offer a wide variety of hashes: bubble hash, kief, blonde hash, Afghan hash, freeze-dried live hash, half-melt hash, pressed kief and hashish. No matter your taste, your desire or your requirement, StashClub meets your every hashy hope, wish and dream! Do you prefer a crumblier product? Drier or moister? From bricks to balls to crumbles and kiefs, StashClub has consistency in the variety of consistencies available to our delightful members! We cater to every consumer—recreational and medicinal, novice and cannasseur—there is a type of hash for all of you!

Texada Bubble Hash

Benefits of Hash

Hash is one of the oldest forms of cannabis extraction, originating from 11th century Persia and Arabia. Originally eaten, rather than smoked, hash has a long and rich history of medicinal and recreational use, right up until widespread cannabis prohibition began in the early 1900s; hash is now making a comeback, and rightfully so. Offering fast-acting relief and bang-for-buck, hash is an efficient way to medicate. Hash has been used historically as an anesthetic, relaxant and stress, as well as being used to alleviate migraines, joint pain, inflammation, aches, pains and a whole host of other ailments. Hash production has come a long way in more recent years and its quality and potency have never been better. Hash can be consumed orally or can be dabbed, smoked, or vaporized, offering users much higher THC than flower. Hash and kief contain raw trichomes and plant matter and may, as a result, leave your instruments a little stickier than other extracts; that said, vaporizing is a fantastic form of consumption. For instance, 95% of the steam from vaporized dabs contains cannabinoids, in contrast to 12% of the smoke from combusted flower. Hash is a delightful and delicious way to enjoy cannabinoids.

Black Mercedes Hash

How to Choose Your Hash

Picking which hash your heart desires can be a tricky business when the selection is this good; but relax, StashClub is here to help you figure it out. To figure out what you want, it’s always best to figure out what your requirements are. Do you want a budget hash or a bubbly hash? Take your pick. Prefer crumbly hash to brick hash? We’ve got you covered. Is kief more your game? You’re in luck. Whatever the requirement, we’ve got a hash product to meet it. Want more information? Just click on a product and scroll down. Descriptions are located below product photos and simply click the ‘Reviews’ tab to read what others have to say! If you find yourself still struggling to narrow your choices down, click the little chat button in the corner and our fabulous Customer Service team will be happy to help you on your way!

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