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If you seek affordable prices and high-quality product then you’ve come to the right place! StashClub is the one-stop-shop for anything and everything cannabis! Thousands of product reviews and a user-curated inventory means your online cannabis shopping has never been simpler. We pride ourselves on shipping shatter and flower power straight to your door. We offer premium products at affordable pricing as well as free membership, free shipping* and free gifts with purchase.** StashClub really is a dispensary ahead of the curve, offering same-day shipping to any and all Canadian provinces, we guarantee you don’t have to be without. At StashClub, we put the TLC into THC and always, always: good vibes only.

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Types of Shatter We Sell

No matter your shatter preference, StashClub has got you covered. From Sativa to Indica to Hybrid, we’ve got it all! With a variety of shatters from an extensive list of suppliers, members really are spoiled for choice. Whether you’re just getting started with shatter or you’ve been using it for years, we’ve got something to tickle your fancy. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking premium shatter or more affordable options, you can find it all below. Are you looking for a fruity, fragrant shatter? Maybe you prefer the dank, pungent stuff? Do you want to get ready for bed or for a night out on the town? Looking for pain relief or relief from anxious thoughts? We have a shatter for your every mood, whim or fancy!

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Benefits of Shatter

Shatter is quickly becoming the most popular extract on the market. With THC levels as high as 80%, it’s no wonder people are flocking to this, the most potent of products. Shatter is made by passing plant material through chilled solvent and subsequently evaporating the solvent. What is left is the cannabinoid-rich concentrate that many are coming to love. One of the biggest reasons behind shatter’s growing popularity is its efficiency! Dabbing shatter is a very speedy mode of consumption, rushing the cannabinoids into the bloodstream for almost instant effect. Shatter is becoming more popular medically for its ability to offer near-immediate relief. In lieu of smoke, dabs ensure you inhale only vapour, so no potentially harmful combusted material is inhaled into the lungs! Not only that, but vaporized dabs have shown cannabinoid content of up to 95% in lieu of smoked flower which contained only ~12%. What are your favourite things to do after smoking? Listening to music, chatting, watching a movie? Imagine kicking it up just another notch, that’s the kind of high shatter can offer users; dabbing shatter is more than just getting high, its an experience. Elevate your highs with a dab of premium shatter.

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How to Choose Your Shatter

Narrowing down what shatter is right for you can be a tricky business, but do not despair at the wide variety presented to you! The easiest way to figure out what shatter is right for you is to know what you want it for. Do you seek budget or premium shatter? Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Do you want to sleep or go out on the town? Are you looking for recreational use or medical use? Would you prefer a shatter that offers wicked cerebral highs or couch-locking bodily effects? If you want to find out more about our shatters, simply click on a product and read the description below the picture! Wanna know what other people thought? Just click the ‘Reviews’ tab to the right of the ‘Description’ one! If you’re still struggling to decide, feel free to speak to our friendly and knowledgable Customer Service team! Just click the little green ‘Chat’ button in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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