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Quality and value—that’s the StashClub way. A one-stop-shop for all your cannabis needs, StashClub has a huge selection of cannabis, extracts, edibles, vapes, CBD products, pet supplements, seeds, topicals, glass and accessories which have been user-curated and have thousands of customer reviews. Offering free membership, free shipping* and free gifts with purchase,** StashClub is ahead of the game among the MOM community. With same-day shipping to any and all Canadian provinces, StashClub guarantees that not one member ever goes without their goods.  At StashClub, we put the TLC into THC and always, always: good vibes only.

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Types of Topicals We Sell

With a huge variety of cannabis and hemp topicals to choose from, you really are spoiled for choice. Hemp soaps, juniper salve, massage oil, muscle rub, personal lubricant, joint balm, body butter, tiger balm, THC bath bombs, healing salves, CBD bath bombs, CBD face masks, CBD bath fizz and CBD bath salts all await our members at StashClub and never disappoint. Are you looking to soothe some knotted muscles or ease some aching joints? We’ve got plenty to ease and soothe you! How about a little bit of pampering? We have bath and body goods made to blow you away. No matter your requirements—medical or pampering—StashClub has what you need to release your tension, reduce inflammation and, most importantly, soothe your worried soul.

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Benefits of Topicals

Cannabis topicals have been gaining in popularity over the last few years and for good reason. Cannabinoids absorbed topically bind to the CB2 receptors in the body and not the CB1 receptors (as they never enter the bloodstream), so they can provide users with quick, effective relief without any high—even if a THC topical is used. THC and CBD both have their merits as topicals, but combination topicals—topicals that contain both THC and CBD (and even other cannabinoids) will maximize pain relief and the reduction of inflammation. Proven to benefit everything from mild skin irritations such as bug bites to skin conditions like acne, eczema and even psoriasis! Cannabis topicals can even help combat ageing. Alleviating chronic muscle pain, arthritis symptoms, burns, skin infections (both bacterial and fungal) and helping fortify the impact of therapeutic massage, cannabis topicals are changing the way the world thinks about cannabis. Cannabis-infused lubricants and oils have been found to enhance sexual experiences and pleasure for users too—there really is no downside! (Top tip: Wash your hands thoroughly after application or lingering THC on a cuticle or fingernail may end up your mouth…)

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How to Choose Your Topicals

Picking the right topical for you can feel like a real chore when you consider the daunting amount of information to sift through and choices before you. We recommend working backwards: what do you want your topical for? Pleasure-filled nights? Get yourself a lubricant or a massage oil! What about your aching back? Take a nice medicated bath with some bath bombs, fizzes or salts! Finding your stiff joints troublesome with the ever-changing weather? Get a joint balm or healing salve! Post-workout aches are best solved by muscle rubs or tiger balm. Whatever the need, StashClub has the solution. Feel free to use our filtering system at the top of the page to help narrow down your search. If you still cannot decide, read the descriptions and reviews on products by clicking into them and if you require further assistance, our trusty Customer Service team are always happy to help, just click the green chat button in the bottom-right corner of the screen and they’ll be happy to assist!

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