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Buy cannabis online. For sale at Stash Club, the best marijuana dispensary in Canada.

Why Buy Cannabis Bud With Stash Club?

At Stash Club, we ensure customers get value for their money and that only the highest quality of product leaves our shelves. Stash Club is a one-stop-shop for any and all of your cannabis needs. Thousands of product reviews and a wide variety of user-curated products mean that Stash Club is the only online dispensary that brings the power of flower to the masses. We offer free membership, free shipping*, free advice and free gifts with purchase;** Stash Club is a dispensary in a league of its own. We offer same-day shipping to any and all Canadian provinces, ensuring no (19+ years old) human is left behind. At Stash Club, we put the bud into buddy and always, always: good vibes only.

Buy cannabis online. For sale at Stash Club, the best marijuana dispensary in Canada.

Types of Cannabis Bud We Sell

From Sativa to Indica to Hybrid strains, we’ve got you covered. Offering users a wide variety of specially selected strains, we have a flower for everyone – medical or recreational user, beginner or cannasseur – there’s a bud here to meet any and every criterion. We offer premium cannabis to customers at the best prices and have a range of beautifully coloured buds with distinct and gorgeous aromas. Do you prefer fruity strains or something a bit more dank? Notes of lemon or skunk? Would you prefer some uplifting or relaxing effects? Motivating or sedating? Do you require pain relief, focus and motivation or relief from anxiety? Or maybe just something that you can sit back and relax with? We’ve got everything you could ever need to get started.

Buy cannabis online. For sale at Stash Club, the best marijuana dispensary in Canada.

Benefits of Cannabis Bud

Cannabis has been found to offer a multitude of benefits to consumers. The various cannabinoids present in cannabis have been found to be beneficial to those managing pain, cancer, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, MS, Parkinson’s, autism, AIDS/HIV, OCD, asthma, high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of appetite, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, epilepsy, IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disk disease, dystonia, Huntington’s disease, Tourette’s, glaucoma, addiction, Alzheimer’s and malaria. The variety of medical uses cannabis has is much in part to the selection of strains available, each meeting different needs. While Indicas tend to offer users more sedated and relaxed effects, Sativas have uplifting and motivating results for users; Hybrids will offer a blend of both.

Recreationally, cannabis is a lot of fun. Make a movie date with friends captivating and interesting, a hike more fun, even just chilling out with your significant other or one's self becomes so much more enjoyable with cannabis. Engaging both your mind and body, even just sitting and listening to music is an experience (being high makes music sound better, don’t ask me how or why). Cannabis Bud has almost no downside (except maybe giving you a dry mouth), so why not have a look around down below!

Buy cannabis online. For sale at Stash Club, the best marijuana dispensary in Canada.

How to Choose Your Cannabis Bud

Choosing a bud can feel overwhelming given the abundance of choice before you, but once you decide what effects you want, you can work to find the strain for you. Sativas will generally be more uplifting, creative, euphoric, motivating, happy and antidepressant, and are great daytime highs. Indicas are more sedating, sleep-inducing, relaxing, appetite-stimulating, anti-nausea and anti-anxiety, and are better suited for evening use. Higher THC strains will offer more pain relief, but if you’re prone to anxiety or paranoia, choose lower THC strains with higher CBD content. Both CBD and THC offer pain relief and are most effective consumed in tandem. If you’re still finding it difficult to choose a strain, feel free to read the descriptions of each one (click on the product and scroll down) and if you need more guidance, feel free to click the little chat button in the bottom-right corner to speak to our charming Customer Service team!

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