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Cherry Flambe

High Strength Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
Earn 250 Stash Miles



Cherry Flambe

Cherry Pie x Jet Fuel
Nelson Farms
Robust Cherry Aroma
Hints of Fuel

Best Use 
Cerebral, Creative, Focused, Relaxed
Stress, Depression, Chronic Pain, Migraines, PTSD

Flavour and Aroma
Robust Cherry Aroma
Hints of Fuel and Wood
Sweet Earthiness

High Strength Hybrid
THC Content from 18-20%

Medical Effects

Orangeade\’s medical effects are great at easing ailments like anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue. The high will leave you feeling creative and energetic without putting you to sleep so that you can continue enjoying your day with peace of mind. A great strain for day or night time consumption, ideal for helping you to relax into a Netflix session for the evening or going for a nice walk on the beach. Do be sure to experiment with your doses and start low as this strain and its effects can be quite strong and its effects can act quickly depending on the person.


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Cherry Flambe

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Cherry Flambe