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Organic Sun Grown Super Mario

Grown Organically in BC

Nug Run

Pesticide Free

Slow Cure

Hand grown with regenerative soil

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

12% – 18% THC

Earn 700 Stash Miles



Organic Sun Grown Super Mario

Organic Sun Grown Super Mario Cannabis

Finding reliable organic sun grown Sativa can be a challenging task. At last, your search is over! Super Mario is grown 100% organically in BC by master growers who specialize in producing quality outdoor cannabis at an affordable price. Harnessing mother nature’s gifts allows us to offer this strain at an amazing price. And trust us – this is the BEST outdoor you will find at this price point.

This crop of Super Mario organic Sativa is hippy grown pesticide-free on the Gulf Islands on BCBuds west coast. The hippies on the Gulf Islands have developed a unique Terroir based on regenerative soil practices. According to this farm, they never till the soil preferring to build up the natural ecosystem with myocilin additions and organic teas.

We also noticed that this slow cold cured organic Sativa has produced excellent clean smoke.

What to expect from Super Mario

This Organic Sativa is perfect for boosting your energy and mood. There is very little burnout or sleepiness, ideal for a daytime puff. What will you do with the boost in energy? Paint a picture? Clean your house? Let us know if the reviews!

Flavour of Super Mario

The predominant flavours are earthiness, woody, with a hint of pine in the aftertaste. As for the look, the frosty trichome layer really pops, especially with the contracts of the bright-orange hairs. Due to the slow curing process and clean growing practices, the burn is ultra-clean. Given that it is a relatively light strength and well-cured clean smoke, we found it as a great addition to heavier strains to make some nice blended Chongers at a good value.

Stop searching for the best weed online in Canada – you’re part of the club now. We know many of you have scoured the internet for the best cannabis extracts in Canada, or, best online weed in Canada – but whatever brought you here, we are glad you finally found us!

Medical Effects

Medical benefits of Tangilope cannabis include momentary relief from chronic fatigue, stress, mood disorders, mild to moderate depression, ADHD, ADD, and chronic body pain. Tangilope Marijuana will keep you focused while instilling you with a want to create an attitude. You will be giggling while this happens, but not enough to stop you from doing what you love. Your creative motivation will also be accompanied by a sense of urgency, allowing you to continue being focused and creative for longer.


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Organic Sun Grown Super Mario

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