Organic Sun Grown Time Warp Pre-Rolls

Organically grown

Pesticide Free

Slow Cure

BCBud, providing highs out of this world!

High Strength Sativa Dominant Hybrid

12% – 18% THC | Each Pre-Roll Contains 0.5 grams of Cannabis

Earn 200 Stash Miles



Organic Sun Grown Time Warp Pre-Rolls

Strain Information
Actually quite a rare landrace Rudaralis dominant strain, originally from Asia. Timewarp became popular in the 80s & 90s from a group of old school growers from Texada Island off the coast of BC, resulting in the Rudaralis Timewarp has become a sought-after heritage BC Bud strain. Admittedly, Timewarp had fallen out of vogue the past two decades but there are still smokers that enjoy light clean smoke. The smoke is enhanced with the ultra-clean finish, due in part to the lack of pesticides or chemicals used in the growing process, but mainly from the 28 day long cold curing process. These mid-sized buds are not sticky but are quite crystally while providing a surprisingly nice smoking experience.

Best Use
Organic Sun grown Timewarp is awesome for daytime use or enjoyed with regular phatties. Light uplifting experience, Organic Timewarp offers a fantastic cerebral high and is a great option for people wanting a lighter clean smoke or vape. Timewarp is often grown for extract use but it handles the damp climate of BC’s west coast, as a mold-resistant plant it can produce surprisedly high terpene profile forward dried cannabis. Providing a great high without offering any lethargy, Organic Sun grown Timewarp is ideal for a day out and socializing or mixing in with heavier strains or tobacco for a more intense trip.

This batch of Organic Sun-grown Timewarp has a unique flavour profile. Tangy lemon and resinous pine flavours are accompanied by subtle earthy undertones, making this quite a treat. Timewarp is an awesome choice for when you are craving something potent but also tasty! A great way to enhance the piney undertones is to munch on a handful of nuts while smoking this Organic Sun-grown Timewarp. Not only will nuts positively enhance the flavour, but they will also intensify the effects of your high and give you an even higher strength experience.


GOD Farm is a family farm that focuses on organic sun-grown light deprivation production. They are also proponents of regenerative soil techniques agricultural practices and have been located on the West Coast for five generations giving their flowers a distinct terroir. They even have cool bags that are fully compostable and made in Canada.

Buy Organic Sun Grown Time Warp cannabis online at the Stash Club’s Online Dispensary.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of Timewarp Outdoor Special include momentary relief of pain, nausea, anxiety, depression and lack of appetite. The medical benefits of the Timewarp Outdoor Special stem from it being a Sativa dominant strain. Numerous scientific and medical studies have confirmed the benefits of Sativa products. Sativa products are praised worldwide for providing revitalizing and energizing effects, accompanied by an increased amount of creativity and sociability, which in turn causes daily productivity levels to skyrocket!


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Organic Sun Grown Time Warp Pre-Rolls

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Organic Sun Grown Time Warp Pre-Rolls