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Are you a Brandon resident looking for things to do this weekend? Well, it would delight you to know that Brandon, Manitoba has a lot to offer in terms of fun. So, we suggest you stock up on some fine cannabis from Stash Club before you venture out.

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Once you get your stuff, just prepare it and smoke, vape or take hits from a bong. What you do with your cannabis is completely up to you. We’re sure you’re an expert.

While you’re letting all that THC soak in, make a trip down to the Trans Canada Trail. This is a blissful trail network that’s perfect for a stoned stroll. In fact, it’s believed to be the longest multi-use trail network in the world, as it connects the Atlantic, Artic, and Pacific oceans.

Of course, it might take you days to finish a stroll here, but, hey, with that Stash Club stuff you’re smoking on, who knows?

After that, you could probably do with some food to treat those munchies and Brandon has enough to offer in that department. You can start with Pizza Express. There’s nothing like gorging down on some Pizzas when you’re high and if you’re a vegetarian, this place would be your best bet.

Or, if pizza isn’t your thing and you’re looking to get really stuffed, Joe Beeverz Bar & Grill is the place to be. Do try their pulled pork, potato wedges, cheesecake and of course, their poutine.

Maybe you can even order a takeaway for another blazing session back at home?