Tips for Getting the Correct Marijuana Edibles Dosage

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Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer, getting the dosing right on edibles can be difficult. With smoking or vaporizing, the high happens much faster and is often less intense. With edibles, it’s the other way around.

Thankfully, we have a guide for you to help you get the correct cannabis edibles dosage. So, put your vaporizer or your favorite bong down for a moment and read on to discover how to get the right cannabis edible dosage for you.

Benefits of Edibles

For those that do not wish to inhale a smoke or a vapor, edibles are a wonderful alternative way of ingesting cannabis. If cannabis needs to be consumed in public, edibles are a way to go that is as about as inconspicuous as a person can get.

Cannabis edibles and drinkables are the most viable alternative for those people who need to be able to take a dose of marijuana during the middle of the day, such as those who work.

It Takes Time

Smoking or vaporizing causes you to feel high practically instantly, and you can, therefore, make informed decisions about when to stop and how much to keep going. Smoke and vapor are absorbed into the bloodstream from the tissues in the mouth and the lungs. Thus, we recommend you before starting with just a couple inhalations from your vaporizer, think about edibles. With an edible, it must first work its way through the digestive system. The amount of time that passes from the point that an edible is consumed to feeling the effect varies from person to person, but generally it can take between half an hour to up to two hours.

The Feeling Can Be More Intense

A high from edibles can not only be more intense, but it can also last longer. For this reason, you might want to start with the smallest dose and work your way up. Start with one dose or even half a dose (according to the packaging) until you get a feel for how much you need. Also, the high from an edible can feel much different. How much you have recently eaten can also make a huge difference on how long the high takes and how potent it is.

The Type of Edible Can Make All the Difference

The feeling that you remember from eating that marijuana brownie may differ from the feeling you got from those cannabis-infused gummy bears. Hence, you should not only pay attention to the milligram dosage as well as the kind of edible you consumed. Pay attention to how you feel after each kind of edible to help determine which works best for you.

Milligrams Are Important

10 milligrams is considered a standard dose for edibles. So, if a cannabis-infused chocolate bar has 100 milligrams overall, you want to break it up into ten pieces. If you are an absolute beginner or are taking a dose on an empty stomach, you might even start with half of that.

Try it for the First Time in a Comfortable, Safe Environment

Having a friend or a family member who is familiar with edibles and their effects around is a definite good thing. You also want to make sure that your environment is secure and safe. If you do happen to overdose, feeling as though your are comfortable and having a friend or loved one who can talk you through the experience can be immeasurably helpful.

A lot can go into finding the correct edible dose. The most important thing to remember that while you can always eat more if you’re not feeling an effect, it is much harder to take back what you’ve already eaten if you have consumed too much.


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