Delivering medical marijuana to Tofino


Known for its surf breaks, fish tacos, and kilometers of pristine, weed-friendly beaches, the sleepy town of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island defines the “end-of-the-road” culture that master kush was made for.

The 40km stretch of sand between Tofino and the fishing village of Ucluelet offers unlimited personal space to satisfy even the most antisocial serial-vapers.


Nearby Pacific Rim National Park is the launch point for surfers, stormchasers, and whale watchers — all season-dependent, which gives the town a unique character with each repeat visit, especially if you mix-and-match your stash according to the vibe.

The beaches are long and wide, lending themselves to large group activities like bonfires, ultimate-frisbee games, ukulele concerts, and community hookah-hash or a puff off your Co2 oil vape pen.

Too baked to explore? Make it easy on yourself: Eat at Tacofino, wander aimlessly through the Tofino Botanical Gardens, and then it’s beach, bud, beach, bong, and beach!

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