Top 10 Munchies on Weed

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1 – Potato Chips


The ubiquitous chip, sold everywhere in the world, is the ideal munchie food. So even if your munching hard in Iceland or Indonesia, there is sure to be a corner store with a least some varieties of potato chips to eat. First called Saratoga Chips, they were created in in the 1853 by Chef George Crum in Saratoga, New York. Chips also come in so many flavours, so if you’re lazy but really wanted to eat a meal, like nachos or maybe some BBQ ribs, potato chips have you covered and you don’t have to cook or even do the dishes.

2 – Ice Cream

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Nothing satisfies the munchies like a cold ice cream cone on a hot day.  Ice cream has been around a long time, studies show it’s existence in China around 2000 BC, but not only China has a long history with the dessert. Italy, the first European country making ice cream has been doing it since the 1300’s and Italian gelato still remains one of the premium types of ice cream available. Sold in almost every country in the world, equally enjoyed by the young and old this munchie food is sure to satisfy. 

3 – Cookies


There’s a reason sesame street has the cookie monster, because people love cookies. From Oreo’s to ginger snaps, there’s a cookie to satisfy every sweet tooth. Also, cookies can be made at home with minimal ingredients and little skill to be enjoyed by anyone. Did you know that the largest cookie in the world was made in Flat Rock, North Carolina and measured over 8,000 sqft and weighted over 18 tonnes! That’s a lot of munchies…

4 – Candy


There’s something so good about candy when high, maybe it’s the concentrated dose of sugar or how it takes us back to being kids. Who doesn’t like gummy bears, or lollipops. Candy has been around since the beginning of time, when monkeys were eating sugar cane plants. Plus, now there is a million different kinds to choose from.

5 – Pizza


This munchie is great, because not only does it count as a meal, it can be delivered to your door in 45 min. It doesn’t require someone to own dishes or even have a table, it’s all taken care of when ordering a box of pizza. Plus it has all the major food groups, tomato sauce (veggies), crust (starches), cheese (protein) and vitamin G (grease).

6 – Fast Food

fast food

Let’s be honest, we all love to pretend that fast food is gross (and it is if you think about it too much), but the reality is that is f-ing good sometimes. A couple of greasy burgers after a night of blazing can be amazing. Also, when you lazy you can just drive up to the window and get your car.

7 – Cheese

Cheese (nachos)

Cheese is good, it’s that simple. It can be eaten straight out of the package or squirted out of the machine or melted between bread or melted on top of tortilla chips, or put on top of fries and gravy, or a million other ways, plus it’s kinda healthy right? Lots of protein etc…

8 – Chocolate Bars


  They have been around for eons and haven’t changed a bit. Basically pure sugar, these things are bound to satisfy those a hard core sweet tooth. And they are chewy and come in only two flavour – chocolate or vanilla, no need to get stumped trying to pick a flavour

9 – Cereal


Something about the combination of sweet little pieces of grain covered in sugar and bathed in milk that satisfies the munchies. There is a cereal for everyone too, if you live in a tie-dyed bus than maybe some granola, or if you like watching cartoons on Sunday morning maybe some frosted flakes or fruit-loops. The only reason it’s not ‘higher’ on the list is that its hard to eat when your not home.

10 – Pop Corn


Popcorn is great when you have the munchies, you can just keep eating it guilt free because it’s really only corn seeds and the seasoning on top. Pop corn also pairs excellently with movies at home or in the theater and Weed pairs great with movies!