Delivering medical marijuana to Victoria


Somewhat isolated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the British Columbia capital of Victoria is one of Canada’s favourite cities to toke on a spliff and chill in the sun.

This major outdoor destination sees very little snow and offers no end of excuses to blaze some Sour Diesel and go looking for adventure.

Bordering on wild country to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the south, Victoria is known for its boating culture. Get your kayak on, or if you feel like kicking back, spark some bud and take in a yacht race or dragon boat festival. If you prefer dry land, pack a day’s worth of shatter and take your pick of endless recreational opportunities, ranging from rock climbing to hiking to golf.

You can buy weed at any local dispensary, but it’s always good to plan ahead with our discreet mail-order cannabis service. We’ll make sure you don’t run out of the best product in Canada when you wander into the backcountry looking for Bigfoot. He’s there, so make sure you’ve got some Girl Scout Cookies to share.