What is Hash and How Can You Smoke It?

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Hash, originally called hashish, is another concentrated form of cannabis that’s made from the resin of the cannabis plant. Typically brown in color and tacky to the touch, hash can be consumed by smoking through a pipe, bong, vaporizer or rolled up with other herbs in a joint. While flower is more prevalent in North America, hash is common and very popular throughout Europe and Asia (where it originated). Hash is often paired with cannabis flower for a better smoking experience.

It’s possible to make your own hash using kief (resin from the trichomes of the cannabis flower that contain high levels of THC and other cannabinoids) using compression, dry ice and various other methods. People smoke hash for several different reasons; sometimes for taste, price, smell or THC level for a more intense high. 

Hash can also be called:

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How to Smoke Hash

There are endless ways to smoke hash, but the most common ways tend to be adding hash bits to a joint or blunt, smoking hash out of a pipe or vaporizing hash. The temperature that the hash heats up to depends on the type of consumption method you choose. With any form of smoking or vaping, the goal is the inhale the vapor/smoke of the burning hash into the lungs in order to feel the effects of the plant. With hash, you can merely light a small dab of it (around the size of a pin-head) on fire and inhale the smoke from the burning red “cherry” of the hash. There’s both liquid and solid hash, with solid hash being the more popular due to easier processing, preparation, transportation and consumption. Let’s dive in.

Adding Hash to a Joint or Blunt

Adding hash to a herbal joint or cannabis blunt is an easy way to smoke hash, especially in a group setting. To do this, prepare a rolling paper or wrap and fill it with ground cannabis or your favorite herbal smoking blend (check out this high-CBD flower). Next, take a small ball of solid hash (like this one) and crumble it evenly over the cannabis flower. Mix the crumble into the flower to ensure an even burn and roll up your joint into a nice, fat doobie to enjoy.

Smoking Hash from a Pipe / Bong

It’s possible to make your own at-home pipe or bong using various household items such as a 1- or 2-liter plastic bottle, fruit, metal utensils and more (find an assortment of better glass options from Stash Club here.) Most basically, one can pack a bowl of cannabis flower and crumble some bubble hash on top of the bowl. Light up and smoke away!

*If you only have a small amount of hash, put the hash ball on the end of a joint, light and smoke.

Vaporizing Hash

Vaporizing your hash is a good option to save your throat some of the intense heat and smoke from combusting hash. Vaporizing hash is a bit more complicated, as you’d need the right dry herb portable vaporizer set at a temperature between 180 and 210°C. You can also dab your hash out of a rig by heating up a nail (also called a banger) with a torch to around 400°C, let it cool down to 210°C, place the dab of hash in the nail, put your glass carb cap on and hit the rig so that the vapor goes into your lungs.

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Using a Hot Knife

Using a hot knife is definitely an old school hippie solution. But hey, it works in a pinch! Just grab two knives with insulated handles and heat the metal tips on a stove (a gas stove works best). Once they become red-hot, remove the knives from the stove and place the tips together. Next, add a little chunk of hash to the tip of one knife and top it with the other knife. Inhale the smoke directly or using a straw. Be careful not to touch the tip of the straw to the hash or hot knives, as you could burn the straw and inhale chemicals.

What Not to Do

There’s a handful of ways to smoke hash using household items that we do not recommend, due to safety and health concerns. One can make a bowl out of aluminum foil for one of the simplest methods to smoke hash. One can also use a plastic bottle by making a small hole in the side or bottom, removing the bottle top and place another aluminum foil “bowl” on it, making a few holes in the foil for the smoke to move inside the bottle. Place a ball of hash on your aluminum foil bowl and heat it using a lighter or match. Once your hash becomes red-hot with a lit cherry, cover one of the holes with your finger while inhaling the smoke through the other one. Take a deep breath as you uncover the second hole. Both methods involve burning aluminum, which could result in harmful chemicals going into your lungs, so we recommend sticking to the safer consumption methods mentioned above.

Finding What’s Best For You

If you’re new to the hash market, it’s important to find what feels comfortable and most natural for you. Humans have been smoking cannabis and hash for hundred of years, but we’ve just started refining the craft. First find a type of hash that smells good to your nose, and a method of consumption that you have readily available. Be sure to ask cannabis smokers around you the ways they like to consume hash, and don’t be afraid to try something new!