Delivering medical marijuana to Winnipeg


The “Gateway to the West,” Winnipeg is pretty close to the center of the country, a tallgrass prairie town with a local cuisine tailor-made for the foodie toker. Light up some Green Kush and sample the best smoked fish in Canada, but save room for local desserts like wafer pie and schmoo torte. At least twice a week, we like to hit a quick splif and down a “fat boy” — a Winnipeg chili burger.

Highly respected for its music scene, Winnipeg brought us acts like the Guess Who, BTO, and the Crash Test Dummies. Burn some shatter, prefilled co2 Oil and take in some local tunes at the Gas Station Theatre or the High and Lonesome Club.

The winters are brutally cold, but the summer scene is brutally awesome. We always stock up on dabs for our nail if we’re there for the summer festival scene. Make sure you’ve got yours by checking out our full line of mail-order extracts.